Amani G, age 15

Photograph by Emily Barnes (2023)
You cannot miss Amani’s big smile. She is an outgoing teenager who is always happy. She loves to brighten anyone’s day with a smile, a laugh, and a hug. People gravitate toward her upbeat energy.
Amani has diagnoses of cerebral palsy and epilepsy which present many challenges. Her condition requires several medications, and she has been through many hospitalizations. She needs to rely on her wheelchair more as she gets older. She is learning to use a device to help with her speech. Through all of it, she does not give up. She always smiles, no matter what. Her family says Amani has made them appreciate life and helped them grow in their faith.
Amani loves playing Miracle League baseball, singing, dancing, and learning how to cook and bake. One of her favorite outings this spring was the Very Special Prom—the evening out gave her a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate her independence—no parents allowed!

“I am proud watching my daughter learn to do things for herself” says her mom, Kimyada. “To put it mildly, she is an awesome kid!”

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