Parker M, age 4

Photograph by Jamie Organ (2023)

A nature lover with a magnetic personality, Parker has a diagnosis of Down syndrome and is unapologetically herself. She is a fun and silly little girl who loves to connect with people. She is playful and imaginative, and can’t get enough of her books and music—singing everything from Daniel Tiger to Bruno Mars—Parker is truly the life of the party.

This past year, Parker participated in an outdoor early childhood program. She loved the singing, moving, community, and creative aspects of the program. No matter what, Parker always found a way to gain something positive out of these days and experiences.

Parker is full of spunk and independence. She has learned how to advocate for herself, making her parents immensely proud. Her mom, Elizabeth, says, “She has opinions and isn’t afraid to express them!” and “She lets us know when she wants her space.”
Parker’s parents encourage her to always speak up and be her authentic self. She has things to say and gifts to offer the world. It’s their job to pass the microphone.

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