Millie and Jace

Photograph by Katie Hart (2017)
There’s no doubt that Millie and Jace truly love each other. You can see it in their eyes.
Millie is a 6th grader at St. Peter’s Catholic School. At the school talent show, she recently presented a speech she wrote entitled “This Is Me.” In her speech, she shared her thoughts on having mosaic Down syndrome. “I think it’s cool. It makes me unique. Everybody’s got something, so it doesn’t make me weird.” She also shared her dreams for children in foster care: “a safe and happy forever home, for all children in foster care.” Her family has fostered multiple children over the last few years. Finally, Millie shared the most important part of her life, her faith in God. She concluded her speech with the following: “I’m a thinker, a dreamer, a Jesus follower. Who are you?”

Jace was a foster child who joined the family in October 2014 when he was only six months old. Not long after entering the home, it became apparent that he would become eligible for adoption. It also became apparent that he would be a perfect and welcome permanent addition to the Dennis family. His smiles and laughter stole the hearts of family and friends. After a year, it became hard to image Jace not being with them. Fortunately, adoption day arrived in November 2016, and he legally joined his forever family. He always has a song on his lips and a hug for his family.

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A message from Sunrise:

I chose this picture for the LOOK! Art Walk with Family Connection because not only did it speak to me but also revealed a message bigger than me, which is at the end of the day “it’s all about love.” Anyone who uses that phrase will get a 15% discount!

-Tzima Brown

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