Ana Sofia

photograph by: Katia Lee (2019)

Ana Sofia parents describe her as bubbly, which fits with the 2-year-old’s goal of splashing to get every ounce of water out of the tub during her bath time routine.

Ana has been learning to sign new words and recently thrilled her parents during a meal when she started signing “eat!” Ana’s
parents treasure each new accomplishment that she exhibits as part of her development!

Ana is diagnsed with CASK gene mutation, Microcephaly with Pontine and Cerebellar Hypoplasia (MICPCH) and a related intellectual disability. Next to bath time and meal time, Ana’s favorite activity is dancing. She also loves the movie and soundtrack Moana, enjoys reading books and visiting the zoo. Ana’s mom wants her to be in Look! in order to let others know that there are many ways for people to make a difference in the world around them. Ana works hard and perseveres no matter what the challenge. Ana’s parents hope for everyone to see her the way they see her — an amazing little girl.

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