Jude G, age 6

Photograph by Laurin Hills (2023)

Jude, also known to some as ‘Jude the Dude,’ is a skipping, bouncing ball of energy who wants to have fun no matter what he is doing. This little guy creates a big impact with his loving and playful personality. Although his diagnoses of autism and ADHD have impacted his ability to communicate fully with spoken words, Jude uses his actions to express himself and play with his peers. The actions and expressions he uses to explore the world and interact with those around him give Jude a booming expressive personality.

Jude loves to be outdoors, and he would spend every day at the park or swimming if he could. When his energy does run down, cuddles are always welcomed. Jude’s mom says every smile, hug, and kiss comes directly from his heart.

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