girl plays at the park

Ellington Kinney, age 4

Photograph by Emily Barnes (2021)

When you meet Ellington Kinney, you will hear a big laugh and see a bright smile. She is a curious, joyful, and silly little girl.

Ellington experiences life with such enthusiasm and humor that those around her can’t help but smile and laugh right along with her. Her eyes show wonder as she explores the world around her, and she has taught all who know her to be more present and appreciative. Her favorite activities include bouncing and throwing balls, swinging, listening to music, and dancing. She also adores her big brother Tripp—she looks at him as if he has hung the stars and the moon just for her.

Early on, Ellington’s parents noticed she was missing developmental milestones. She was eventually diagnosed with a very rare genetic condition called KCNQ3. Due to this condition, she has global developmental delays, cortical visual impairment, and likely autism. She shows persistence as she attempts to master skills and inspires her family every day.

“Ellington has a way of showing up or showing off at some of the most perfect moments. She has taught us to cherish and celebrate her unique timeline of milestones.”

Thank you to the Kinney family for serving as the LOOK! 2021 Ambassadors!

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