Carson E, age 9

Photograph by Hannah Billingsley (2023)
Carson has a laid-back personality and sees the world as good and happy. He smiles all the time and laughs so hard he almost falls over. Looking in his beautiful blue eyes, you can see how amazing and caring he is.
When he was two, Carson was referred to speech therapy. At the age of  two and a half, Carson was diagnosed with autism. Carson has learned to communicate using a Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and his mom feels this is one of the best things he’s accomplished. Not being able to express himself was such a struggle and his mom says you can see relief in his face when he uses the PECS to communicate.
Carson is happiest when he can move. He can spin and spin then stop and not be dizzy. He loves bright colors, symmetrical shapes, and greeting cards! He also enjoys riding in the golfcart, and coming home to have french fries with sweet tea while using his iPad.

Carson’s family considers him an amazing and beautiful gift. He has given the family a whole new respect for life and what is important. His mom, Heather, shares, “The thing that I want everyone to know about Carson is that he has a heart of gold. I hope the world can look past the autism and see a strong, energetic, compassionate boy named Carson.”

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