boy laughs on a bridge in the park

Adam Sumter, age 11

Photograph by Tamara Bowdler (2021)

Always full of energy, Adam is a happy child who loves experiencing new things. Most days, he literally wakes up smiling and laughing and sings and dances throughout the day. It is hard not to be happy when you are around him.

Adam has a diagnosis of autism. At one point, Adam lost his speech and stopped making eye contact with people. Through years of therapy, he has regained some of his speech, will make eye contact, and has become a very good listener. He is a happy child who is full of energy and loves experiencing new things.

Adam’s favorite activities include going to the park, skateboarding, and swimming. His mom, Rozalind says his attraction to music suits him: “Adam marches to his own drum unapologetically and it is just beautiful to see.”

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