Novah M, age 9

Photograph by Evelyn McAbee (2023)
Novah is very sassy and lovable. According to her mom, she is a diva in a wheelchair, and she demonstrates that using a wheelchair doesn’t have to stop someone from living their life. The comedian in the family, Novah’s smile and laughter shines through every day.
Novah’s favorite interests include being outdoors, playing with slime and bubbles, traveling, and playing Roblox.
In addition to her upbeat personality, Nova is intelligent and courageous. She faces the challenges of spina bifida like a fighter—never giving up. Her family is inspired by what she has been able to do such as working hard to stand up with support and learning to speak up for herself.

Novah’s mom, Eboni, says it’s a challenge to have patience when others don’t know how to adapt to our world. Novah, however, gives her family a different outlook on life—in the most beautiful way. “We thank God for her every, single day.”

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