Haidyn J, age 7

Photograph by Ellen Conner (2022)

Haidyn was given the nickname “Diva” by her family for a reason. She is a sassy, loves to shop, dance, and eat ice cream.
Her grandparents say there is never a dull moment when she is around.

Sassy is not the only word that describes her. Haidyn is also resilient—a trait the nurses pointed out during the time she spent in the NICU after she was born. She has a diagnosis of Trisomy 21 which is Down syndrome. “Haidyn’s determination was shown immediately,” her mother, Yolanda, says. “She continues to display that same strength and will today.”

As she grows, she always wears a smile that is contagious to anyone around her. She has the innate ability to make everyone around her feel loved.

Her mom says, “Haidyn never meets a stranger and treats everyone as a friend.”

Haidyn recibió el apodo de “Diva” por su familia por una razón. Es descarada, le encanta ir de compras, bailar y comer helado.Sus abuelos dicen que nunca hay un momento aburrido cuando ella está cerca.

Descarada no es la única palabra que la describe. Haidyn también es resistente, un rasgo que las enfermeras destacaron durante el tiempo que pasó en la UCIN tras su nacimiento. Tiene un diagnóstico de trisomía 21, que es el síndrome de Down. “La determinación de Haidyn se mostró inmediatamente”, dice su madre, Yolanda. “Hoy sigue mostrando esa misma fuerza y voluntad”.

A medida que crece, siempre luce una sonrisa que contagia a cualquiera que esté a su alrededor. Tiene la capacidad innata de hacer que todos los que la rodean se sientan queridos.

Su madre dice: “Haidyn nunca conoce a un extraño y trata a todos como amigos”.

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