Ariana Lorick, age 12

Above: Photograph by John Lowry (2021); Bellow: Photograph by Emily Murphy (2020)

girl look into the cameraAriana’s happy, bubbly personality is clear to see—she loves to talk and interact with everyone she meets. She also enjoys TicTok and You Tube videos, shopping, getting her nails done with her mom, and spending time with her family.

In school, Ariana’s favorite subject is Math. Her family was proud to see Ariana’s goal-oriented, determined personality shine at her 5th grade graduation. Ariana has spinal muscular atrophy and uses a wheelchair, but there is nothing she won’t try to do if she can.

Ariana loves having her photo taken for the LOOK! event, and mom Krystal says, “We are here so people can see the world is Ariana’s for the taking”.

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