Jackson and Parker T, age 2

Photograph by Nicole Garmise (2023)
Two-year-olds Jackson and Parker make everyone laugh with their outgoing and affectionate personalities. They love to play, dance, and sing. The boys also enjoy watching Ms. Rachel on YouTube. Their family describes them as little goofballs who brighten up any room they enter.
Their mom, Kim, began noticing speech delays prior to their 18-month pediatrician appointment. After this appointment, the boys went through an evaluation. They were diagnosed with autism, global developmental delay, and mixed receptive-expressive language disorder. They have started early intervention and Applied Behavior Analysis therapies.
Jackson and Parker inspire their family with their ability to overcome the challenges they face. They are proud of the progress the twins have made. They celebrate any time the boys meet a new milestone, such as repeating a new sound or gesture.

Their mom, Kim, wants everyone to know: “Given the right tools to succeed these boys have the ability to make great change in the world.”

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