Photograph by Henry Jones (2019)

Jasmine Williams is a two-year-old full of joy and love. She can often be found curled up all cozy in her mom’s arms for a bedtime story or outside giggling uncontrollably as her dad blows bubbles to her.

Jasmine loves every kind of music! When she hears a song come on, she will dance her heart out, no matter where she is. She loves toys that light up or sing for her. Playing with them brings her joy that she spreads to any room she’s in.

Born six weeks premature and beginning her life spending four weeks in a

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Jasmine has had to overcome several challenges put in her path. She has taken on each one with a positive light. Her parents are proud every day of the way that she doesn’t let anything hold her back.

Jasmine has always taken on physical, speech and occupational therapy with nothing more than a smile and positivity. She has surpassed many develop- mental delays. Now, as she continues to walk, talk, and learn new words, she’s showing the world around her just how unstoppable she is!

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