Mia S, age 8

Photograph by Tonia Hernandez (2023)

Eight-year-old Mia spreads joy and enthusiasm for life everywhere she goes! She is very kind and loves to give hugs. Mia enjoys listening to music and spending time outdoors. She plays baseball with the Miracle League and always wants to go to the trampoline park.

When Mia was eighteen months old, her parents recognized delays. They sought out early intervention and began a long journey of finding a diagnosis. By age seven, Mia was diagnosed with apraxia of speech, ADHD, and autism. Currently, Mia has been forming more complex sentences, and most people are now able to understand what she says.

Mia continues to persevere and is always trying to learn. She touches people’s lives by teaching them patience and humility.

 Her mom, Amanda, summarizes: “My child is a person with autism. If you have met one person with autism, then you have met one person with autism. They are all unique, different, and special blessings from God. They deserve all the kindness and respect as anyone else.”

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