Hannah N, age 8

Photograph by John Lowry (2023)
To know Hannah is to love her. She is thoughtful and never wants anyone to feel left out. She will ask people questions about their wellbeing because she genuinely cares. You can’t help but feel pure happiness when you’re around her.

Hannah is also brave. When her swim instructor asked her to jump off of the high board, she was terrified. She told herself affirmations and was able to move past her fear. Giving up is not in Hannah’s nature!

Hannah’s parents asked her personal care assistant and tutor, Megan, to be part of Hannah’s story this year. They feel Megan and Hannah have impacted each other’s lives on a deep level. Megan feels the same.
”Working with Hannah and learning from her has been the biggest privilege in my life,” says Megan. “She has forever changed my teaching practice by showing me inclusion doesn’t only benefit the child with different needs, it helps every single child.”
Hannah’s family and Megan believe Hannah wants the same things in life as everyone else: to be loved and accepted. She is a unique person who happens to have a diagnosis of Down syndrome. She has immense value and love to share with the world.


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