Nicholas H, age 15

Photograph by Lauren Harraha (2023)
A happy young man who loves to laugh, Nicholas is strong-minded and strives to learn how to do things for himself. He is a people person and loves big—when he signs “I love you” it will melt your heart! 
Nicholas has a complicated and rare condition which causes severe childhood epilepsy and hemiplegic migraines every two to three years. Each time they occur, he spends approximately three weeks in the pediatric intensive care unit. These episodes take away his ability to eat and drink and leave him with no skills. Each time he starts over, he is determined to regain all his skills, and it is an absolute wonder that he is able to recover!

Nicholas enjoys spending time with his best friend Jensen, going to the pool, and taking golf cart rides. At the Special Olympics this year, when they called his name, he was able to stand up in his chair with the help of his family. This was a proud moment for him—and for all who were there with him!
Nicholas is an amazing person, with a huge heart. He reminds his family daily not to take even the little things they are able to do for granted.

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