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Family Connection offers a wide range of classes and workshops on a variety of topics that are helpful for parents and professionals. Browse our workshop menu below. Check our training calendar to find upcoming workshops, visit our YouTube channel or contact us to schedule a presentation for your group.

“The information that I received will help me better advocate for my son. It has also taught me to give my son more independence. By the end of the training, I’m hoping to be in a position where my voice will not only help my son but also help all those with a disability!”

5 Keys to School Success for Children with Special Health Care Needs

School success looks different for children with special health care needs. During this interactive workshop, participants will learn the keys for success with children with special health care needs and discuss the importance of each one. These keys include Family Engagement, Inclusion, Strength Based Teaching Approach, High Expectations and Student Led Transition Planning.

6 Fundamentals of IDEA

Your child’s educational rights are based on IDEA. Knowledge of IDEA, and what it entails and provides is important. Participants will learn the six fundamentals of IDEA and discuss the importance of each as well as how to implement it to improve their child’s educational success.

An Introduction to SC Home and Community Based Waivers

This workshop will provide an overview of Medicaid waivers. We will explain what Home and Community Based Waiver are, who they are for, managed by, the services that they may cover, wait lists, and the process for obtaining and keeping a waiver/services.

Alternatives to Guardianship and Steps to Independence

Learn the various options available for individuals with disabilities to be able to continue making their own life choices and how parents can promote and support steps to their youth’s independence.

Beginning the Journey: Transition from Early Intervention Services (IFSP) to Preschool Services (IEP)

Participants will be able to: Have a better understanding of what an IFSP and IEP are, and the differences between them. Also, they will learn about the transition process, regulations and responsibilities of IDEA/Part C Lead agency (Baby Net) and the IDEA/Part B Local Education Agency (LEA). Participants would also learn about the transition from IDEA/Part C early Intervention to Idea Part B preschool services timelines and requirements. (SC Endeavers accredited)

Engaging Latino Families in their Community

This training will provide a summary of information received at a Latino Community Needs Assessment Focus Group in your region. We will discuss areas of need as well as strategies to engage Latino families in their community.

Family Connection 101: An Overview of Resources for Children that Have a Disability or Chronic Health Conditions

This workshop is an overview and description of resources and services Family Connection of SC provides for children and/or individuals with disabilities and/or special healthcare needs in South Carolina. Families and providers who attend will have a better understanding of the resources available for themselves and/or families they serve.

Family Engagement: Best Practices and Strategies for Building Success

This interactive workshop will look at family engagement along with the benefits and importance of parent-school partnerships. We will also address challenges that arise with family engagement and discuss strategies to improve these partnerships.

IEP verses 504 Plan: What’s the difference?

This workshop will provide participants with a better understanding of the differences between IEP and 504 plans. Definition of each plan as well as the process for referral, evaluation requests and implementation of services will be covered.For parents and professionals Information regarding children age 5-21. (workshop available in English or Spanish by request)

Home Visitation for the Whole Family: The Benefits of Home Visitation for Children and Families

This workshop will provide participants with a better understanding of the differences between IEP and 504 plans. Definition of each plan as well as the process for referral, evaluation requests and implementation of services will be covered.

Overview of Medicaid and the TEFRA program

This workshop will provide an overview of Medicaid and TEFRA eligibility.For parents and professionals Information regarding children age 0-26. (available in English or Spanish by request)

Telehealth 101: Essentials For a Family-Centered Experience

Are you ready for your family’s Telemedicine Appointment? You may need to navigate into a virtual exam room to see your doctor. Learn what the 4 KEYS are that will help you unlock the doors so you and your provider can have a successful #FamilyCenteredTelehealth appointment.

Positive Solutions for Families

This evidence-based workshop is designed to help parents and caregivers promote their young child's social and emotional development and to better understand young children's challenging behaviors. Parents and caregivers will learn how to use positive approaches to improve their interactions with their child; help children learn appropriate behavior; and to build their child's confidence and self-esteem. Thereby, preparing children for successful early learning experiences. Each of the six sessions in this workshop presents a new topic. Parents will learn how to react in different situations through role playing, interactive learning strategies, and videos. Participants who complete all six sessions will receive an incentive gift at the end of the training.

Our Seat at the Table – A Parent Leadership Training

You can make an impact as an EQUAL member of any team/group. Learn how to use your voice and journey as a parent to make a difference and advocate for children. Our Parent Leadership Training is a 2 session, interactive, evidence-based curriculum for anyone who is currently serving, or wants to serve, on a decision-making group. This can include parents, students, educators, administrators, and community members

Special Education Learning Series

This workshop series has 10 individual workshops aligned with IDEA policy. These workshops can be presented as a series or as individual workshops. 1. Overview of IDEA and the history on how it came to be. 2. Introductions to: IDEA, ESSA, and Section 504 3. Eligibility and Evaluations under IDEA 4. Individualized Education Programs (IEP) 5. The Alphabet Soup of Special Education: FBAs, BIP, and Discipline 6. Assistive Technology, Extended School Year (ESY), Multi-Tiered Systems of Support 7. How to Become an Effective Advocate for Your Child 8. Transition and Post-Secondary Choices for Teens 9. Dispute Resolution and Research-Based Interventions 10. What You Need to Know to Affect Policy and Legislation

Rights and Responsibilities of Parents under IDEA: Part C (BabyNet) and Part B (age 3-21)

In this workshop, participants will gain a better understanding of IDEA laws and regulations as well as their rights and responsibilities. Participants will learn the process of requesting services. They will leave being able to take and use the information learned to become more effective communicators for their child’s unique needs.

Supporting Your Child's Literacy Development

Parents and caregivers play an important role in supporting children’s literacy development, especially when children are having difficulty. You can support your child in four key ways - by listening, looking, helping, and encouraging - while you and your child participate in activities together. Taking part in your child’s literacy development can improve your child’s reading ability, comprehension, and language skills. It can also improve your child’s interest in reading, attitude toward reading, and focus. This in person workshop was developed from the National Center on Improving Literacy’s online module on supporting your child’s literacy development at home. We also discuss tips on how to support your child through remote literacy learning as well as their social emotional development. This workshop is offered as three different content options based on the ages of the children of the attendees (preschool, elementary or adolescent)

Support Parent Training

This 2 session workshop provides four hours of evidence-based training which will give you the skills to be able to support another parent effectively. The goal of the Support Parent Program is to help educate, inspire and empower parents and their children to live rich, fulfilling lives in spite of many challenges. As a representative of Family Connection, a Support Parent provides emotional support and information to families of individuals with disabilities or other special needs. Support Parents connect with other families, either by telephone or by email, and provide a safe listening environment that can be a wealth of information to other families. All attendees who complete the training will receive a certificate as well as additional opportunities for skill development and volunteer time during their year commitment with Family Connection of SC.

Understanding the IEP

This workshop will provide a thorough introduction to the Individualized Education Program (IEP) that serves as a road map for education services. Participants will: Understand the steps of the special education process and learn key terms; Gain an understanding of the roles of all members of the IEP team; Understand the contents of the IEP and what they mean; Learn how to become a more knowledgeable and active participant in meetings.

Transition to Adult Medical Home

Transitions are a part of normal, healthy development that occur across the life span. This dynamic process seeks to meet the individual needs of children as they move from childhood to adulthood. This workshop will provide information on transition in health care and why it is important. Participants will be able to discuss barriers and challenges that occur around transitioning to an adult medical home; outline critical steps in preparing for transition; and recognize important strategies to make transition successful.

Journey Toolkit: The Power of Organization

Parents will learn how to manage the overwhelming amount of paperwork created by educational and medical services. This organizational tool facilitates communication between parents and professionals to achieve the best possible health and educational outcomes for children with special needs or disabilities. This is a hands-on workshop and parents are welcome to bring their most recent documents to add to their journey book. Professionals attending this workshop will be better prepared to assist the families they serve with preparing and organizing the paperwork and extensive information that comes with having a child with special healthcare needs.

The Early Childhood Journey

This workshop will dive into the 5 areas of skill development for children in the early development years: Cognitive Skills, Social Emotional Skills, Speech and Language Skills, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, and Daily Living Activities. We will define each area specific to the child’s age category and discuss the importance and steps in identifying delays in the classroom setting. Participants will also learn how to communicate these concerns with parents / caregivers to ensure success in learning.