William S, age 3

Photograph by Tyrone McQueen (2023)
A rainbow baby, Will came into this world being a light to those around him. He is a sweet and silly little boy, who loves to do things to make his family laugh. He also loves to sing, often without warning. Kelcy, his mom, will be driving the car and hear him softly singing “Wheels on the Bus.” He also loves playing in all kinds of water: sinks, fountains, pools, and the beach.

Will has a diagnosis of autism. He is very proud of himself when he tries new things and often has a smile from ear to ear. Will embodies resilience. Last year he had a tooth pulled and smiled for a picture right afterward. If he falls down, he will wipe himself off and keep on running. He doesn’t love a change of plans, but he will still go with the flow—after he gives an opinion about it.
Will’s family wants people to see that people with different needs are not scary or weird. Everyone is unique and has their own personality. When it comes to Will, he is a happy, sweet, playful little guy who wants nothing more than cuddles, chocolate milk, and good trampoline jumps.

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