mom and son walking on a log


photograph by: Elizabeth Jones (2019)

From making others laugh to giving them a comforting hug, Cairo’s warm personality is impossible to ignore, leaving him with friends everywhere he goes. While cars and Hot Wheels are both a big deal in the 3-year-old’s household, they aren’t the only vehicles that Cairo enjoys maneuvering around a track – he is also fascinated by trains. Cairo is always happy when he’s building new railways with his train track set or watching as Thomas the Train and his fellow locomotives ride the rails around town discovering new adventures. Cairo’s role model and hero is his Papa! The three-year-old cherishes every moment they spend together and leaves each visit filled with nothing but joy.

Cairo has a diagnosis of autism and a speech delay and works hard to accomplish new feats, such as teaching himself the alphabet and colors! He recently called his mother “mommy” for the first time, a milestone that has meant the world to her. While Cairo is learning new things, his mom acknowledges all the valuable things he’s taught her – laughter can be the best medicine, a little mess is ok and everyone should let their guard down and live a little!

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