Young man sits with his dog

Nicholas Holman, age 13

Photograph by Neal and Nikki Brett (2021)

Nicholas Holman is always laughing and loves to be around the kids in his neighborhood who give him so much love, kindness, and inclusion. He plays in Miracle League Baseball, loves music, and being with people. He also loves to tease his grandma and grandpa.

Nicholas inspires his family because he never gives up—on anything. He has a diagnosis of diagnosis of a CACNA1A Mutation, a calcium channel disorder, and suffers from hemiplegic migraine attacks, which mimic a stoke. He has had three of them.

This year, Nicholas received his seizure-alert dog, Peppa, from Make a Wish SC. Currently, she is in training and will “paws up and lick his face” to bring him out of a seizure. In time, the family hopes Peppa will learn to alert the family to a seizure before it comes on, and long term, will help Nicholas become more independent.

Despite his many medical challenges, Nicholas is resilient, happy, and determined to be independent—a true warrior!

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