Oliver B, age 8

Photograph by Tonya Rangel (2023)
Oliver is a one-of-a-kind goofball who loves to make everyone laugh. He is certainly one of the happiest kids around. He also has deep empathy for those he sees in pain or distress.

Throughout Oliver’s life, he has undergone multiple surgeries, including open heart surgery at six months old. He also has a diagnosis of Down syndrome. Even though Oliver doesn’t use words to communicate like others, his parents have discovered ways to allow him to communicate with his family and peers.

In Oliver’s world, it’s the simple things in life that bring him immense happiness. He adores spending time with his beloved dog, Spencer, and his cat, Roux. He has a passion for all things cars and trucks, including his RC cars, toy monster trucks, video games and Monster Jam on YouTube.

Oliver is a remarkable individual who is intelligent, compassionate, and filled with an extraordinary capacity to love others wholeheartedly. His mother, Megan, says “Should you ever encounter my child in the world one day, my hope is that you will truly see him for who he is and treat him with the same kindness that he so generously offers to others!”

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