Liam S, age 1

Photograph by Janice Sanford (2023)
One-year-old Liam is capable of doing anything he puts his mind to. His ability to smile and be joyful no matter what life throws at him brings happiness to those around him. Liam is a busy bee and is constantly on the move. He adores playing with his big brother, Luke, and enjoys dancing and being outside.

Liam was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 prior to being born. Shortly after birth, he was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and doctors discovered he had a rare blood disorder. After spending fifteen days in the NICU, Liam was able to come home. Four months later, Liam was diagnosed with respiratory syncytial virus and spent two weeks in the hospital. Since then, Liam has been home with his family, and is thriving.

Through his journey, Liam’s resilience and strength have brought his family closer together. He has reached many milestones earlier than a child with Down syndrome usually would and inspired his family with how much he has achieved. He works hard with his physical and occupational therapists to meet these milestones.

Liam’s mom Melissa says: “Liam is smart and worthy. He is a strong, confident fighter. Liam is going to achieve great things.”

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