Ian F, age 2

Photograph by Kristina Copeland (2023)
Described as a little dare devil, Ian can’t get enough of the rides and roller coasters at the State Fair and Disney World! He also loves music, dancing, and baseball—especially throwing the ball and going to his brother’s baseball games.
Ian was born a healthy baby at 36 weeks with a diagnosis of Down syndrome. At approximately nine-months-old, he began having issues with aspiration of liquids and received a G-tube. This has not stopped him from being a good eater!
His mom, Tabitha, considers Ian nothing short of amazing. He understands things quickly, learning shapes, colors, and sign language with ease. He went from scooting to walking–-quickly. Tabitha says this is an example of his independent personality and his determination to reach a goal.

Ian’s mother, father, and older siblings each have a 3-arrow tattoo in Ian’s honor. The arrows are symbolic of the three 21st chromosomes that result in Down syndrome and represent how the families of children with Down syndrome rise up and move forward. “Ian has brought our big family closer” says his mom. “He melts our hearts.”

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