Alexia Hall, age 10

Photograph by Kiere Lee (2021)

Alexia’s journey started in the womb. Expected not to survive, Alexia had other plans. She showed the world she was a fighter even before the moment of her birth. Born with a very rare and unique chromosome abnormality, she has been through brain surgeries, infections, heart surgery, countless medical treatments, and therapies.

Alexia Hall loves listening to music and reading non-fiction books! She is super spunky and totally her own person. She encourages others despite having to deal with countless medical challenges.

Alexia’s journey started in the womb, expected not to survive, but Alexia had other plans! Diagnosed with mosaic trisomy 22, Dandy-Walker malformation, ventricular septal defect, autism spectrum disorder, and hydrocephalus, she has survived heart surgery, multiple brain surgeries, countless medical treatments and therapies.

One day, Alexia says she may be an artist or maybe a historian. Alexia says, “my mom is my role model because she is good at listening to my feelings, always makes time for me, and makes good mac and cheese!”

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