Jailynn L, age 15

Photograph by Kortney Wilson (2022)
Jailynn is a loving, silly, and fun teenager. She is a big country music fan. She is able to memorize every word of her favorite cartoons and enjoys playing with her iPad.
When she’s on a walk, Jailynn likes funny noises when going over bumps in the road. She loves the snuggles and kisses she gets from her service dog. She has taught her family to be grateful and to celebrate the small things, like she does.
As a baby, Jailynn was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, agenesis of corpus callosum and cortical dysplasia. Mom, Holly, says “She has no ugliness or prejudice in her heart. She is friendly to any and everyone she meets. Our world could use more of that.”
Jailynn es una adolescente cariñosa, tonta y divertida. Es una gran aficionada a la música country. Cuando está de paseo, a Jailynn le gustan los ruidos divertidos al pasar por los baches del camino.
Le encantan los abrazos y los besos que le da su perro de servicio. De bebé, a Jailynn se le diagnosticó parálisis cerebral, epilepsia, agenesia del cuerpo calloso y displasia cortical.
Su madre, Holly, dice: “No tiene fealdad ni prejuicios en su corazón. Es amable con todos y cada uno de los que conoce. A nuestro mundo le vendría bien más de eso”.

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