Dade B, age 13

Photograph by Janice Sanford (2023)
Dade Brady loves farm animals, music, and things that he can use to make sounds and beats. He is eager to learn and is interested in things that others want to teach him.
Dade was born with a diagnosis of Trisomy 21 which is a form of Down syndrome. He receives physical, occupational, and speech therapies, and works with an Early Interventionist.
His parents describe Dade’s personality as a joy to watch as his life grows and changes each day. He mimics things he sees and hears, “parroting” as they call it. His mom, Heather, notices Dade watches others closely and role plays what he sees, and he has a gift of being able to remember things after hearing them just a couple of times.
Dade has a strong will, a fighting spirit, and a knack for “self-coaching”. He continues to believe in himself above all else. He is coming into his own personality, which is a joy for his parents to watch. Heather says it gives her hope to keep believing in him, no matter what.

“The joy and light that he brings to others—and to us—makes us feel privileged to be the parents of such a blessing. Dade has made us better people. And, because of that, I would never want anything to be different!”

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