Elijah L, age 17

Photograph by Hannah Carlisle (2023)
Elijah is very social young man who loves to entertain and enjoys being around people. He aims to please and likes everyone to be smiling and enjoying life. He is easy-going and generally worry free. Even in times of sadness he sees—or sometimes is—the silver lining.
As a toddler, Elijah was diagnosed with speech and developmental delays. Later in middle school, he was diagnosed with ADHD. He has always done well in therapy and continues to do so.
Elijah loves to play baseball and being outdoors, especially exploring new places and doing things with the family. Getting his first job over the past holiday season was a wonderful accomplishment for Elijah. He looks forward to working in vocational rehabilitation this summer to prepare for more permanent work after he graduates in 2024.

Elijah’s mom, Tiffiney, believes Elijah reminds us that there is always someone to advocate for or someone who needs help. “He wants to live a life with the same opportunities as anyone else even if he has challenges. He has feelings just like anybody else, even if he cannot express them in the same ways as others” she says. “We may have obstacles, but I wouldn’t know what our life would be like without him!”

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