Boy splashes in a pool

Juliezer Rivera, age 9

Photograph by Emily Barnes (2021)

Juliezer Rivera is an old soul who loves classical and jazz music and playing the drums. He is a sweet and caring little boy who knows what he wants and will let nothing stop him when he sets his mind to do something. His mom, Abby says: “Jui is smart and has an imagination unlike any other child I have ever met. Hearing him laugh and seeing his smile is a gift he gives us several times each day.”

Jui taught himself to read at age three. Today, his favorite school subjects include music, science, and art. He loves to travel—especially on trains.
His parents chose to be part of LOOK! to give people the opportunity to see one of the many faces of autism. Abby concludes “I want the world to know that Jui is a boy who happens to be on the spectrum and has diabetes, but he is just a boy who wants to play, learn and make friends.”

Family Connection of South Carolina provides services and resources to families who have a child with a disability or specialized healthcare need. Since 1990 we have served more than 100,000 families and today our services are needed more than ever. We focus on parent-to-parent support, guidance with navigating the complex healthcare system, and assistance with school meetings and special education plans.

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