Paisley P, age 8

Photograph by Martica Valle (2023)
Paisley is an incredibly smart little girl with an outgoing personality. She makes friends everywhere she goes. An entertainer at heart, she loves to make and edit YouTube and TikTok videos and frequently gets recognized. If she is not making a video, she will be singing and dancing her heart out somewhere! 

At the beginning of her journey with autism and hydrocephalus, Paisley struggled with talking and walking. Her parents soon discovered she had a cyst on her brain which required a shunt. Being the resilient and outgoing little girl she is, Paisley did not let anything stop her. She is now learning so many new things and recently won two awards at school for her excellence with computers.

“Paisley is a fighter who never gives up. She loves to do things independently,” says her mom, Natasha. “She keeps on showing us every day how smart she is.”

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