Nasir W, age 10

Photograph by Maricel Fontana (2023)

Nasir’s mom, Melanie, describes him as happy, excited, and ready to learn something new every day. Learning is his favorite thing—it literally makes him jump for joy! He also has a kind heart—recently demonstrated by learning a non-verbal student’s sign language and speaking up for him.

Nasir was diagnosed with Down syndrome at six months old. Soon after, he began speech, occupational, and physical therapies. He’s accomplished many unexpected things. Recently, he made the AB Honor Role at his elementary school!

Nasir’s parents used music to teach him how to read and how to walk up stairs. This sparked Nasir’s love for music and learning. Today, you might find him playing guitar, keyboards, or other instruments. He listens to music while he reads and does homework. He also loves to sing—especially songs from movies—he remembers all the notes and words. When spending time outdoors, Nasir enjoys throwing balls or bouncing on his trampoline.

Melanie says her son is a loving, caring boy, who is always willing to reach out to anyone who needs help.

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