Eriyanna M, age 8

Photograph by Lyndsey Livingston (2023)
Big and bubbly, always smiling and happy, Eriyanna sees good in everyone. Her mom says she is sweet, caring, and tenderhearted. In some ways she’s like an old soul—or a mama hen—she takes the lead and looks out for younger kids.
No matter what gets thrown at her, Eriyanna battles it. Born two months prematurely with a hole in her heart, her family saw how strong she was at her first breath. She struggled with tight heel cords and couldn’t walk until she was 18 months old. Eriyanna also battles cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS), anxiety, and PTSD. Her parents still marvel at her strength and her outlook on life. No matter how bad she feels she never gives up.

“Even though Eriyanna missed 67 days of school this year, she maintained her place on the AB honor roll all year” says her mom, Amanda. “She is always proactive and makes up her missed work quickly.”

 Eriyanna’s mom says she hopes her daughter’s story will help raise awareness of CVS—in their experience it is not that well known—even in the medical community.

Meanwhile Amanda says there is never a dull moment with her daughter. Right from the beginning, and to this day, she’d like to shout, “Look out world—Eriyanna is here!”

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