photograph by: Karly Richardson (2019)

Qu’mari is described by his parents as the happiest child in the universe with a smile that will steal your heart and light up a room.

From stealing hearts to stealing bases, Qu’mari plays baseball for his local Little League and enjoys every moment he spends on the field. Whether it’s the ballpark or the pool, the three-year-old loves being active. He spends the time he isn’t playing baseball enjoying another one of his favorite hobbies, swimming.

On the sidelines, it’s easy to spot one of Qu’mari’s biggest fans and role model, his dad. He inspires Qu’mari to work hard and dream big every day. Qu’mari’s parents were very excited when he began speaking, because the doctor said this would not be possible. Now, he happily babbles away with his family and is also on his way to conquering walking, another incredible milestone.

Qu’mari’s happiness shines through every challenge he faces with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and microcephaly. His positivity shows through everything he achieves. Whether it’s playing with a ball or learning to walk, Qu’mari’s perseverance is as inspiring as the smile that never leaves his face.

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