Parent to Parent Support

Support Parents

Our parent to parent support program consists of trained parent volunteers who provide emotional support and information to families based on the child’s disability or special healthcare concern. These trained parent volunteers have a child with a diagnosis similar to the parent they are matched with.

Parent-to-Parent support is unique

Because the Support Parent has shared the experience of disability in the family, they are able to provide a unique form of support that only another parent who has “been there” can. Interviews with parents suggest that the kind of support Parent to Parent offers is unique and probably cannot come from any other source.

Parent-to-Parent strengthens the ability to find solutions to challenges – Sharing can increase parents’ sense of being able to cope, validate their emotions, promote acceptance of their situation and give hope for the future. Discussing concerns with others who managed similar situations can bring about realistic, practical solutions. Parents gain confidence in their own impressions and ideas for what their child needs and wants.

Contact Lisa Anderson at [email protected] for more details on our parent-to-parent support program!

What is expected of Support Parents:

Participate in a two-part Family Connection Support Parent Training workshop.

Attend as many follow up workshops as possible for ongoing support and training.

Complete a Support Parent data form at the training workshop to be used as the basis for making matches with Referred Parents.

If a Support Parent cannot accept a match when one is offered, they should tell the Statewide Parent-to-Parent Manager right away.  This will prevent a delay in contacting a family who may have an immediate need for support.

Consult the Statewide Parent-to-Parent Manager if a problem arises.

Follow the Family Connection Policies regarding confidentiality

Complete the Record of Contact form on Survey Monkey after each call with the Referred Parent.