Kaden M, age 8

Photograph by Deanna Haywood (2023)
Kaden is a happy and sassy boy. He radiates positive energy and always finds a way to brighten your day. His contagious smile instantly lights up the room. 
Kaden had a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. When he was three and a half years old, he lost communication skills. At four years old, he was diagnosed with level three autism. Every day, he works steadily on signing and using his communication device. 
Kaden enjoys music, bubbles, light up toys, and playing outside. He loves to kick and spin his soccer ball. His mother states “I always tell people that Kaden could be a Harlem Globetrotter because he does some amazing moves.” He loves going to amusement parks and riding rollercoasters.  

Kaden is a loving child with a kind heart, who sees good in everyone that he meets. His family wishes everyone could see his smile and feel his kindness!

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