Ahmir S, age 8

Photograph by Lauren Winchester (2023)

Outgoing, bubbly, feisty, and lovable, Ahmir is like a big teddy bear. In fact, his aunt calls him “Mir Bear”, and his mom refers to him as “Pooh”.

Shortly after his first birthday, Ahmir began losing his verbal skills. After more than a year of testing and examinations, he was diagnosed with autism, and later ADHD. Today, he is using a communication device and sign language. He is learning independence and developing skills to care for his baby brother, Kaiser, also known as “Piglet”.

Ahmir’s favorite activities include playing outside with bubbles, water play, and anything involving as many family members as possible.

His mom, Lakeisha, says “Ahmir gives me strength to be more like him—free, open, and not worrying about what others may think—he’s a breath of fresh air who has taught me to be my authentic self.”

Ahmir brings his family joy. They know he is a fighter and they will always be in his corner.

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