Photograph by Alex Hope Leaphart (2019)

Lizzy’s favorite time of day is going to three-year-old preschool or “big girl school” as she calls it. She welcomes any new opportunity to learn and has started counting and naming her colors and shapes. At home, Lizzy enjoys continuing her school activities by playing teacher and reading books to her stuffed animals and babydolls. She is also known for hosting fun and elaborate tea parties in her room and enjoys singing and entertaining for anyone!

During quiet time, she can be found cuddling with her favorite stuffed animal, Lamby, while she watches anything with Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

To look at Lizzy, you might not know she’s faced some big challenges in her short life. The three-year-old lives with Down syndrome as well as congenital heart defects and has had open heart surgery. Despite these ups and downs, Lizzy keeps a brave face. She’s even known to use her manners with the doctors and nurses, often saying “please” and “thank you” at her appointments.

Her mom wants everyone to know that Lizzy’s beauty is more than just her precious pigtails and sweet smile; her beauty shines through her personality – she loves big, masters every challenge she faces, and leaves an impact on everyone she meets.

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