boy stands behind a tree

Braden Green, age 15

Photograph by Michelle Sexton (2021)

Braden is a daily dose of inspiration. He’s smart and handsome. He loves sports, video games, and any chance to swim in a pool or visit a beach. He’s reserved in public but loves to laugh and relax when among friends and family. 

His favorite subject is math, which makes his engineer mom happy. Braden thinks about his future. He knows he’s going to college and will major in computer engineering. He wants to drive a Tesla one day!

Braden has a diagnosis of sickle cell disease. The sickled cells can cause pain in any part of the body where blood flows. Now that he’s older, Braden experiences more pain crises.

His family started a nonprofit in his honor and Braden has embraced its purpose. He constantly thinks about how he can help others. It is not always comfortable for him to share his story, but he recognizes how powerful it is. He never complains or blames or asks “why me?”. His smile feeds his mother’s soul.

Braden is surrounded with a village who loves him dearly. He is loved, and he knows this without a doubt!

Family Connection of South Carolina provides services and resources to families who have a child with a disability or specialized healthcare need. Since 1990 we have served more than 100,000 families and today our services are needed more than ever. We focus on parent-to-parent support, guidance with navigating the complex healthcare system, and assistance with school meetings and special education plans.

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