Keagan C, age 5

Photograph by Margaret DiBiase (2023)
Keagan is a kiddo who is full of life and joy. He radiates happiness to all those around him and has an incredible sense of humor.
Keagan’s appearance is very unique. He has a congenital condition that causes large dark patches on his skin. His family calls him Chocolate Chip Cookie. He has a matching doll named Chip which he takes everywhere. When kids ask about the spots on his body, he says “Well….I was just decorated differently by God” and goes on to talk and play.
Keagan has faced several health challenges and cancer scares. He had an intussusception when he was an infant that was nearly fatal. He also had a spinal tumor that was predicted to end his life. Through the efforts of an amazing neurosurgeon, Keagan’s life was saved, and he did not become paralyzed.

Keagan likes to play Roblox and watch YouTube. He loves school and church and likes to ride scooters or play basketball with his buddies. He adores the family’s baby chicks and loves his Persian cat, Master Chungus.

Keagan is a child who has made an impact on all he meets. His family hopes when people see Kegan’s unique appearance they will understand: unique is beautiful!


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