Lydia Grace J, age 6

Photograph by Michaella Blackmon (2023)
Lydia Grace is an articulate and gregarious little girl. She loves all things fancy: princesses, fairies, unicorns, dancing, and tea parties. She has a vivid imagination and a heart full of love, compassion, and service. Her favorite adventures are the “playground research” trips she takes with her mom. She does a comparative analysis of the best parts of each playground visited. Currently, they have traveled as far as Raleigh, North Carolina on their adventures. 

Lydia Grace was born at 37 weeks. During her first two years, she required multiple breathing treatments and had many episodes of chronic bronchitis. Today, she has asthma and continues to struggle with chronic bronchitis.
She is a natural nurturer to others when they are sad or not feeling well and is wise beyond her six years of age. Her mom, Ulanda, says she is always proud of her daughter’s willingness to forgive others, her courage, and her wisdom.
“Lydia Grace was born on purpose and to serve God’s purpose. She made me a mother, and us a family” says Ulanda. “She is destined to do great things and will be blessed in all ways. She is my AMAZING GRACE!”

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