Court H, age 6

Photograph by Renee Frisbee (2023)
Six-year-old Court is always ready for adventure. He lights up every room he walks into and brings joy to everyone around him. Court channels his energy by climbing in trees and on playground equipment. He loves to swim and can dive to the bottom of the pool and tread water for hours.
Court was diagnosed with autism at four years old. He was not verbal, but his mom was determined to help him find his voice. Through Applied Behavioral Analysis and speech therapy, Court has been able to speak words. Court is determined and works hard to complete his therapy after he gets home from school every day.
Through his journey, Court has taught his family to slow down and appreciate the moment. Court’s older brother, Cruze, is one of his biggest supporters and advocates.

Court inspires people to be the best versions of themselves and not give up on anything they want to accomplish. Court’s mom, Christy, says: “Our motto is “If Court can work this hard to talk, we can all work hard on the challenges we face.”

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