Meredith Farich, age 18

Photograph by Suzanne Messner (2020)

There is never a dull moment with Meredith Farich. She’s the life of the party—always up for an adventure—and sure to make new friends when she gets there. Some of Meredith’s favorite things to do are singing, dancing, reading, and bowling. In 2018, she represented South Carolina as a bowler in the Special Olympics, USA Games, bringing home multiple wins including a silver medal! She also likes to relax and spend time with her two cats, and her dog, Magnum.

Meredith loves school and aspires to be a role model and influencer to other young people. History is her favorite subject. She will be starting the ClemsonLife program as a freshman this year. Someday Meredith would like to work with animals or use her amazing memory skills to be a tour guide at a museum or historical site.

Mom, Suzanne, says one special moment from Meredith’s high school career was seeing her crowned Homecoming Princess by the school principal her freshman year. She received a standing ovation from the stadium as she went onto the field, even before the winners were announced.

Suzanne says Meredith is an amazing young lady with big dreams who will continue to achieve great things. Meredith’s motto? “Don’t Dream It, Be It!”

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