Emma Miles, age 12

Photograph by John Lowry (2021)

Emma Miles is an interactive, engaging young lady whose happiness, humor, and thankfulness for life is boundless. She loves golf cart rides, swimming, and swings. She enjoys interacting with her sisters, other children, and teachers. Emma has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get out in the world.

“Every time I see her holding a conversation with her siblings, other children, or anyone I am absolutely amazed with how far she has come in her life journey” says her mom, Cassie. “Our child is a daily reminder of how precious the gift of life is regardless of the difficulties that come along with it.”
Dad, Tem, echoes Cassie’s sentiments “Emma shows me the beauty of life every day.”

Emma’s photo was taken at Carraway Park in West Columbia. Her dad was part of a community team to bring this all-inclusive park to life. He summarizes his happiness to see this project come to fruition. “I have one daughter who is in a wheelchair and two other daughters who are not. This park is a place for them, and other children of all abilities, to be able to play together.”

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