young woman sits on a rock with her dog

Clara Hall, age 19

Photograph by Kiere Lee (2021)

Clara is a bubbly, chatty 19-year-old. The middle sister of five girls, she enjoys dance, cheerleading and music. Clara is looking forward to being a model in an upcoming fashion show in Greenville called Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. She also cannot wait to participate in cheerleading with the Greenville Stars next year. Clara loves to read, and her favorite subject is history.

Clara has a diagnosis of autism and mitochondrial myopathy. Her family says she is inspiring because she never gives up and always tries her best. She is engaging and tries to make new friends. She has a pure heart and cares for others—always looking to include those that are sometimes left out.

An animal lover, Clara has three cats and two dogs, Sophie and Chewbacca. “Chewy” happily accompanies Clara in her LOOK! photo.

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