Katie H, age 4

Photograph by Teri Byrdic (2023)
Katie’s smile and loving personality are contagious. Others laugh when she laughs. Katie will give hugs and kisses every chance she gets. She loves to tell jokes and is a friend to everyone—but she will put you in your place when needed.
Described as a “mama’s girl,” Katie loves to cuddle with her mama and shares her love openly with her family, including her dogs and cats. Mom Carrie says “autism has many faces and different challenges, but it will never define who a child is. Katie is the most loving child you will ever meet. She is one in a million with a caring heart and love for everyone.”

Katie loves riding her bike, painting, hiking, and watching Paw Patrol. Her ability to verbalize her emotions is increasing every day, and she fights every hurdle she faces with a smile on her face. Her fighting spirit is encouraging, and she has opened her family’s eyes and hearts to accepting people for who they are.

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