Zoey W, age 1

Photograph by Jennifer Curtis (2023)
Zoey is a sweet, loving, and cheerful little girl with a big personality. She inspires everyone around her by how determined she is, starting from the very beginning when she was in the NICU when she was born.

Since Zoey was born, she has brought her family closer and made them more thankful for things they have taken for granted in the past.

Being born prematurely has caused some delays, but nothing Zoey is not overcoming in therapy. She is doing better with her speech and learning new words. In physical therapy, she conquered crawling and walking. She is now working on running and jumping. When not in therapy, she loves watching Encanto and playing with her two older brothers.
“I would like the world to know that  my daughter is a fighter. She amazes everyone at how well she is growing every day,” says her mom, Tyesha. “She is the little firecracker in the family!”


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