Greyson W, age 10

Photograph by Emily Barnes (2023)
Greyson started reading at age two. In elementary school, he was moved from kindergarten to second grade. He is an avid reader of anything related to history including WWII, JFK, Navy Seals, and Harry Potter. He has taken a college history course to learn more. His additional interests include: rollerblading, swimming, sailing, surfing with the adaptive surf project. He loves spending time with his animals—including his service dog-in-training, Wynterbelle.

When Greyson was five years old, he was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, ADHD, anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, and conduct disorder. He received a diagnosis of autism in 2021.

Extremely compassionate, Greyson founded the Helping Footprint organization to assist veterans, single mothers, low-income families, first responders and the elderly. In addition to doing free yard work, he has been able to help with paying utility bills, providing groceries, and giving Christmas gifts to families.

His parents are proud of his willingness to speak up about how he feels and his desire to research his own ways to overcome obstacles. Carrying a book wherever he goes helps Greyson manage his anxiety. He seeks friends who will not judge him, and he wants to feel accepted and loved just like everyone else.

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