Cairo Gardener, age 6

Photograph by Mindy Marchant (2021)

Cairo has an infectious energy, and you can always count on him for a good laugh. Cairo’s favorite thing to do is to be outdoors. He likes looking for airplanes. He especially loves toys with wheels.

One of Cairo’s favorite people is Ms. Paulette, a family friend. The two of them spend time working on home improvement projects. He loves playing with her tools. She also drives a pickup truck and this may be the thing about her that he likes the most!

Cairo has a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Cairo has struggled being able to focus on a task, and his speech-language development is delayed. Just recently however, Cairo had a breakthrough and is able to ask his family questions and express his needs and opinions.

Cairo’s mom shares that her proud parent moment was when Cairo’s teacher sent her a video of him writing his name. Cairo’s family is excited that he will be a part of the LOOK! Photography Exhibit because he brings a new face to why inclusion is so important.

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