boy runs with a mary-go-round

Jackson Morton, age 12

Photograph by Lyndsey Chavous (2021)

“Action Jackson” is a gamer and loves playing with friends online and creating new worlds. He also enjoys playing his guitar and reading. He and his cat, Bunny, have been together since he was three; she was a birthday present from his grandmother. Bunny has become a type of service cat, offering Jackson much needed comfort in times of struggle.

Jackson was identified early for possible diagnosis of autism. While it certainly was scary at the time, his early diagnosis meant plenty of early intervention support including speech and occupational therapy. He has worked incredibly hard in a general education classroom with very few accommodations.

Jackson is close to his little brother, Dylan (“Dyl Pickle”). “Both of my boys are very sweet, kind, funny souls” says mom, Toni. I love that Jackson still brings me dandelion flowers from the yard. They both make me very proud.

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