mother holds her daughter in a dark room

Halle Ching, age 11

Photograph by Emily Barnes (2021)

Halle enjoys art and listening to music. She loves snuggling, family time, movies, sitting in her wheelchair, and watching baseball with her family. Her brothers are her role models because they love her very much and take good care of her.

Halle Ching’s family did not know she had any challenges until was missing developmental milestones on a typical timetable. Her mom, Cathy, says they have learned so much from Halle’s unique journey in life: “We have recognized what humanity really means, and how all humans are different and special. We are so proud of Halle and who she is. We want others to learn about special needs and about what it means to live with certain challenges. Even though Halle is not able to walk or talk, she is just as much of a human—with feelings and needs—as anyone.”

Halle has a diagnosis of epilepsy and a disease caused by a distinct change on the CANA1C gene. The illness Halle has is so rare that there are no other individuals known in the world who have her exact genetic modification. She has fought through many very difficult health challenges and has an incredible will to be part of this world. She is sweet and loving and teaches everyone she meets how to embrace bravery and to be courageous in the face of challenge.

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