young girl dances in a dance class

Milla Mooney, age 9

Photograph by Katie Miller (2020)

Milla has always been a fighter. When born, she went directly to NICU. Her parents were told to expect her stay there to be two weeks or longer. Exactly 24 hours later, she was doing so well she was transferred to the well-baby nursery. Milla has fought every day since then to show the world what she can do.

Milla brings much joy to the lives of those around her every day. Just her laugh makes everyone smile, but her love and caring for others is what is truly amazing.

Milla never gives up. She is determined to achieve any task that comes her way. One special day was when Milla was able to swim on her own by using a floating device for safety without someone holding her. Milla also loves ballet, soccer, kickball, and cooking. In school, she has achieved great things in her favorite subject, math, and she is in a general education classroom.
Milla is an amazing little girl, determined to be independent. Born with Down syndrome, she has overcome many things. At one time, she was nonverbal. Today, she can say what she needs and share the basics of how her day is going. Her mom, Amelia says, “I want the world to know that an extra chromosome is a diagnosis—it is not the end of the world. It’s a beginning to a beautiful journey.”

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